Maintain a clean and controlled environment with our laboratory cleaning service.

In healthcare and laboratory settings, controlled conditions are critical to any experiments, tests and production.  We offer a laboratory cleaning service that create a clean, safe and reliable environment to work from.

A regular and professional cleaning schedule is essential for the efficient operation of the modern research lab.  We can help restore the lab after accidental spills and maintain the lab equipment and instruments to required standards.

We use range of professional materials and tools for our laboratory cleaning service.  Our use and disposal of the clean-up materials is done with care and special equipment to protect the cleaner and the lab from being contaminated by the cleaning materials themselves.

As part of Caring Hands, we have extensive experience in healthcare environments which makes us best placed to offer a diligent and professional bespoke service.

All of our cleaners undergo rigorous training accredited and run by the independent British Institute of Cleaning Science, the largest educational body in the industry.

You can have faith in our professional, smartly-presented and fully-insured staff who are dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of infection control and cleanliness, whilst treating all those they come into contact with respect and consideration.


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