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When people are visiting the doctor, they need the experience to be as stress-free and comfortable as possible.  Creating a clean, safe and pleasant environment within GP surgeries and health centres is key to this; this is where our doctors surgery cleaning service can help.

Surgeries operate over long hours and attract high volumes of people, most harbouring germs.  Increasingly over-stretched practices often means patients are using communal areas such as waiting rooms and toilets for longer and more often.  Practices also contain both clinical and office equipment which need to be kept clean and safe for daily use.

With extensive experience of the health and social care sector, Caring Hands Cleaning Services will work with your GPs, practice nurses and support staff to create a flexible cleaning schedule.  This could involve, for example, early or late cleaning sessions, multiple visits on days the surgery is open for longer, and bespoke plans for different clinical and non-clinical areas of the surgery or health centre.  Working with our procurement partners Shorrock Trichem, we are also able to offer full washroom services, including feminine hygiene and sharps waste removal.

All of our cleaners undergo rigorous training accredited and run by the independent British Institute of Cleaning Science, the largest educational body in the industry.  You can therefore have faith that our staff are professional and dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of infection control and cleanliness, whilst treating all those they come into contact with respect and consideration.

Patient feedback has never been so important to the NHS, and hygiene and cleanliness are important factors in a service user’s experience. By creating a clean and pleasant environment within your GP surgery, you can help make a visit to the doctor a more comfortable and safer experience.


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