We are committed to offering the highest quality services and providing the best customer service

Caring Hands Cleaning Services are a leading commercial cleaning company which delivers bespoke commercial cleaning solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

Our experienced teams work with you to meet your office or industrial cleaning needs, covering everything from general daily cleaning, to deep periodical cleans and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

A clean, hygienic and orderly workplace is essential whatever industry you are in.  It helps to ensure employees are safe, and provides them with a pleasant working environment which in turn promotes positivity, boosts morale and increases productivity.

Aside from proving yourself an ethical and caring employer, staff have a legal right to work in clean and safe conditions, meaning you need to be confident your workplace meets current legislation and satisfies the criteria of Health and Safety officers.

Visitors to your office or factory space will also judge you on the state of your premises – a clean and welcoming environment will ensure you leave the right impression on current and prospective clients.

All of our commercial cleaning professionals undergo rigorous training accredited and run by the independent British Institute of Cleaning Science, the largest educational body in the industry.

They are employed by us directly, are fully insured and smartly presented. We are committed to keeping abreast of the latest techniques and advances in the industry and have rigorous training and auditing procedures in place to ensure our high standards never dip.